Cosy Calf Jackets

a cow and a calf

Calf Jackets by Cosy Calf, supplied by Gorteade Cow Care of Maghera

a calf wearing jacket

What is the Cosy Calf Jacket?

Using the Cosy Calf Jacket, you can make significant savings on feed, medication and bedding costs. This product is designed to keep calves warm during the colder seasons, while allowing them to move freely and breathe easily.

The calf jacket will also reduce the risk of pneumonia and scours from chills and drafts, enhancing your animals' well being and production value.

We supply to small and large businesses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the UK. Find out more by contacting us today.

What are the benefits of the Cosy Calf Jackets?

  • Optimum protection at low temperatures 
  • Breathable and water resistant
  • High quality for long life
  • Easy to fit
  • Machine washable at 50 degrees
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machine washable jacket for calf

For more information on jacket sizes, colours and prices of our Cosy Calf Jackets, contact Barry on 07749 307 089 today

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