Gorteade Cow Care - Taking care of your cattle with high quality cow care products

We supply a wide range of cow care products that ensure your livestock stays happy and healthy.

We supply to small and large businesses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the UK with a 2 year warranty on all our products.
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cow cleaning brush

SCHURR Cow Brushes

Clean cows are happy cows and happy cows provide more milk. Ensure your cattle are kept in great condition with the 2-brush-system type B00 for milking cows.
calf igloos

Calf Igloos

Calf Igloos are hygienic outdoor housing solutions that are easy to maintain and offer an excellent environment for your cows to 
rest in. 
Heatwave Milk Warmer

Heatwave Milk Warmer

Helping you feed your calves ad lib, this product is safe and easy to assemble and maintain. Using this product, your calves will be able to grow naturally at their own pace.
Cosy Calf Jackets

Cosy Calf Jackets

Make sure your calves have the energy to grow and fight off diseases. The Cosy Calf Jacket helps keep your calves warm during cold weather.

Call Barry at Gorteade Cow Care based in Maghera today on 07749 307 089 to find out more about the cow care products we have to offer.

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