Calf Igloos/Hutches

igloos for cows

Gorteade Cow Care know that healthy cows =
optimal performance
That is why we supply Calf Igloos for you and your business

graphic of calf igloos

What are Calf Igloos and Calf Hutches?

This product provides calves with the flexibility of mobility. It allows you as the farmer to change the layout of your farm yard, enabling you to increase production and prevent the risk of disease. 

The Igloo's design gives calves the opportunity to choose themselves whether they want to be inside, protected from bad weather,
or on the bedding spread in the exercise area when the weather is fine.

We also supply calf jackets for even harsher weathers. Contact Gorteade Cow Care in Maghera today to find out more.

We supply to small and large businesses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the UK.

How can this product benefit my livestock?

  • Maximises the supply of fresh air 
  • Ensures that the bacterial challenges are kept to a minimum
  • Reduces labour input
  • Prevents wind chill 

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safe and warm calf igloos

To find out more about the Calf Igloo or Calf Hutches, contact Gorteade Cow Care in Maghera today on
07749 307 089

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